Call For Papers

We are extremely delighted to announce the Call for Papers and Call for Workshops for OFFSECBLR2019!

Topics of interest but not limited to:

– Mobile and Smartphone Security
– Finding and Fixing Security Bugs
– Malware Analysis
– Exploit Development
– Web Application Attacks
– ICS and IoT Hacking
– Hardware & Firmware Hacking
– Advanced Pentesting or Red Teaming
– Cloud Security

Remember these dates!

Email your submission to: cfp \at\ isc2-bangalore-chapter \dot\ org
Deadline: June 13, 2019

Conference Date: 05 July, 2019
Workshop Dates: 02 – 04 July, 2019

NOTE: Please fill Speaker’s Info & Presentation Details as requested below on a .txt format

Speaker’s Info

– Speaker Profile: (max 1000 words)
– Location: e.g. Bangalore, Others please specify.
– Have you talked on previous (ISC)² Bangalore Chapter events? Yes or No.
– Email ID:
– Company/Organization:
– Mobile Number:
– Title:

Presentation Details

– Presentation Title:
– Synopsis: (max 3000 words)
– Internet access? Yes or No, if yes specify wireless or wired.
– Have you presented the paper before on any other security / technology conference(s)? Yes or No
– Is there any demonstration? Yes or No